Regular Meetings

09-Dec-2017 Annual Installation
19-Dec-2018 FC by Lodge Office Bearers
02-Jan-2018 Meeting Cancelled
16-Jan-2018 FC by Lodge Houstoun St. Johnstone 242
06-Feb-2018 Provincial Visitation
20-Feb-2018 MMM by Lodge Office Bearers
06-Mar-2018 EA by Lodge Prince of Wales 426
20-Mar-2018 FC by Lodge Office Bearers
03-Apr-2018 EA by Lodge Craigends 1042
17-Apr-2018 Lecture
29-Apr-2018 Annual Divine Service
01-May-2018 MM by Lodge Captain Speirs 791
11-May-2018 Lodge Golf Outing
15-May-2018 MMM by Lodge Office Bearers
09-Jun-2018 Annual Dinner / Dance
04-Sep-2018 FC by Quarry Men
18-Sep-2018 FC by The Caledonian Railway Lodge 354
02-Oct-2018 EA by Lodge Garthland St. Winnoch 205
16-Oct-2018 AGM, Nominations and Elections
06-Nov-2018 FC by Lodge Tarbolton (Kilwinning) St. James 135
11-Nov-2018 Remembrance Day Service
20-Nov-2018 MM by Lodge Office Bearers
04-Dec-2018 MMM by Lodge Office Bearers
08-Dec-2018 Annual Installation

Visitations Social Events