This extract is taken from the first Minute Book of the Lodge. This entry was made on the 29th of November 1784 by the Lodge Secretary James Houston.

"We the members of the St Barchan Lodge No.208 upon receiving our Charter of Constitution and Erection from the Grand Lodge of Scotland, having met in the house of John Laing, (Innkeeper) to deliberate upon further measures to be taken concerning the Lodge, we hereby unanimously agree to postpone this meeting until the 30th of November when we shall meet again and have our by laws made out and signed by the first promoters of the same lodge."

The following short entry was made on the 30th of November 1784:

"Having met agreeable to our past adjournment we proceed accordingly to the making of our by-laws and sign them immediately."

The founder members of Lodge St Barchan No.208 (soon to be 156) were:

James Houston John Honeyman James Laird Jnr
George Davidson Gavin Herbertson Robert Speirs
James McKechnie John Clark Matthew Stewart

Of these brethren, Brother James Houston undertook the duties of Master and Secretary. The Earl Buchan Grand Master Mason of Scotland had signed the charter and thus in the house of an Innkeeper, Lodge St, Barchan was born. By 17th December of that year the minute shows that the Master, Wardens and Office Bearers were unanimously elected.