On 18th January 1842 the Lodge travelled to Greenock to lay the foundation stone of a monument to Highland Mary. This was followed some eight years later by a return visit on 17th October 1850 to lay the foundation stone of the new tidal harbour to be named Victoria harbour after the Queen. The Provincial Grand Secretary of Western Province thanked the Lodge on behalf of Sir Michael Shaw Stewart.

One of the earliest recorded gifts to a brother of the Lodge occurred on Aril 14th 1854 when Past Master Robert Young was presented with a silver watch as a mark of esteem.

Later in the same year Bro. Alex Lyle is refused admittance on casting vote of the RWM. This causes a furore in the Lodge and the Secretary was instructed to send a communication to Grand Lodge to seek clarification. Grand Lodge replies and instructs the Lodge to purchase 50 black and 50 white balls.

On 14th January 1857 William Ferrier, son of Hugh Ferrier became the first person to be admitted to St. Barchan upon attaining the age of 18 years. This is the Lodges first Lewis.

On 14th June 1858 a number of brethren travel to Edinburgh to witness the laying of the foundation stone of the new Masonic Hall.