On 8th October 1858, Bro. Archibald Houston, the Lodge Tyler dies, and true to his request made in 1849, he is buried by the Lodge with full Masonic Honours. Having no living relatives, a plot was purchased by the Lodge and 2 gallons of spirits were distributed amongst the brethren.

At the request of Bro. David Jeffrey, on 18th June 1859 the Lodge assembled and preceded by instrumental band, proceeded through the village via Barholm to Johnstone where the RWM and brethren of Lodge Houstoun St Johnstone joined them.

All then marched to Linwood where a foundation stone was laid at the new church. The blessing was given by Rev. Robert Graham and Mrs Speirs of Caldess deposited a box containing coins and papers in a cavity within the stone. The Lodge returned home to Kilbarchan by way of Burnbrae House Elderslie, Thornhill and Johnstone where Lodge Houstoun St. Johnstone invited them in for refreshments.

William Purdon, Lodge Secretary wrote in his minutes:

"Masons who met upon the square, parted on the level".