Bro William Brodie, Grand Master Mason of New York affiliated to Lodge St Barchan on 20th July 1888.

When old Matt Houston died, intimation was placed in the Paisley Daily Express, a copy of which somehow found its way to New York. Brother Brodie who had been born in Kilbarchan in 1841 saw this.

Bro. Brodie's parents had emigrated to America in 1843 taking their infant son with them. After reading the intimation Bro. Brodie wrote to the Lodge conveying his sympathies and telling them something of himself.

By this time Bro. Brodie was the head of 70,000 Masons and he looked forward to visiting the village of his birth. The Lodge Secretary wrote to Brother Brodie expressing him good wishes and a warm welcome should he ever return. On July 20th 1888 Bro. Brodie fulfilled his promise and became an affiliate member of Lodge St Barchan.

Bro. Brodie will probably be best remembered as the man who laid the foundation stone of The Statue Of Liberty. Bro. Brodie moved to Genesco in 1863 and was employed by General James A. Wadsworth for most of his life. He was active in the community and an avid church and public office holder. He was the founder of The Genesco Normal and Training School now known as The State University of New York where the University of Fine Arts is dedicated to his honour.

We in Lodge St Barchan are proud to have this good and honourable Brother affiliated to our Lodge.