In the period 1860 to 1880 there was, it appears from the minutes, an unusually large number of sailors of the Royal Navy becoming members of St. Barchan. The names of the ships H.M.S. Flirt, H.M.S. Harpy, and H.M.S. Black Prince appear quite frequently in the minutes of the Lodge.

On 4th July 1873 three sailors from H.M.S. Flirt received their Mark Degree. As you turn the page of the minute book it reads that on August 23rd 1873 there was a visit to the Lodge by St. Johns Operative Lodge No. 347 which was met at Milliken Park station by Lodge members and the Kilbarchan Band. Also present was a deputation from H.M.S. Flirt.

From further inspection of the minute books, these brethren who were initiated eventually found themselves scattered to the four corners of the Globe. The correspondence however shows that they never forgot their Mother Lodge.

H.M.S. Flirt was sunk during World War I with numerous casualties, H.M.S. Harpy served in the Dardanelles campaign during the same period, and H.M.S. Pembroke was a barracks in England.