William Yeats the son of George Yeats received his F.C degree at 4:30pm on 14th January 1899 because he had to return from leave. No sooner had he received it when another Brother, William Houston Wilson, arrived for his F.C degree which was carried out by Bro. James McKean PM Lodge Union and Crown No 103. The degree was delivered to the satisfaction of the Brethren assembled. The Lodge then adjourned for one and a half-hours whereupon it opened in the 3rd degree and six Brethren were raised.

On 7th October 1879 Thomas McCrorrie affiliated to Lodge St. Barchan from Lodge Mother Kilwinning No. 0, and was elected Master of St. Barchan during December of the same year.

Bro. McCrorrie was a schoolmaster by profession and a Mason extraordinaire by repute. From the minutes it seems he was in great demand throughout the province especially in the art of the laying of a Foundation stone.

In addition Bro. McCrorrie gave lectures on the Craft and its beginnings. On January 2nd 1888 Bro. McCrorrie laid the Foundation stone of the new houses being built at Park View, after which he was presented with a silver trowel which is still displayed within the lodge room.

To the East of where Lodge St. Barchan now stands, Park View was the local school where Bro. McCrorrie taught. This school has long since gone but the housing development, which subsequently replaced it, is aptly named McCrorrie Place.