Lodge St. Barchan is proud to have been involved in the opening of the Public Park in Kilbarchan on 1st September 1888.

The Lodge marched into the Town Foot where a horse market was held. The Park Committee arranged the procession which consisted of the Kilbarchan Instrumental Band, Volunteer Trustees of the Park Feuars, Large Subscribers, Freemasons, Clippens Square Band, Kilbarchan General Society, Seventh Friendly Society, Good Templars Society, St. Margaret's Roman Catholics and finally Johnstone Brass Band.

The procession was completed by 300 children marshalled by Thomas McCrorrie PM and fellow Teacher John Thomson. The procession marched up Church Street, up Shuttle Street and as far as Easwald Terrace where it turned back towards The Cross and up New Street to the Gate entrance of the new park.

Mr. Patrick Barr then presented Dr. A.H. Freeland Barbour of Gryffe Castle with a silver key and the latter then opened the new gate formally declaring it open. Unfortunately, the organised sports event did not take place owing to the heavy rain.

The Public Park was put to good use by the Lodge - on September 2nd 1899 St John's Operative Lodge visit St. Barchan on their bi-annual outing. Some arrive by motor vehicle and the remainder by foot. Sports are held in the public park and races between the Past Masters result in the PM's of 156 winning. All leave at 8.33pm to catch the tram from nearby Milliken Park.