Who could better carry Lodge St. Barchan from the Nineteenth into the Twentieth century than Oliver Goldsmith McGregor PM. He gave the Lodge loyal service as Master 6 times, Secretary on 25 occasions and served as a trustee of the Lodge from 1855 until 1919. He was first elected Master on 30th November 1855.

Bro. McGregor was initiated into Lodge St. Barchan on July 31st 1854 and from the very start of his Masonic career he served the Lodge with love and devotion that will be difficult to surpass. On March 2nd 1855, only nine months after his initiation, he proposed a revision of the Lodge bye-laws in an effort to bring them in line with Grand Lodge.

Bro. McGregor was present at the laying of the memorial stone to Grand Lodge in 1855 and again in 1911. On the latter he was congratulated by the Marquis of Tullibane, later the Duke of Atholl and was awarded an annuity from Grand Lodge for nigh on ten years.

He thought deeply about both the craft and his fellow man, as the following extract from the minutes of 1st March 1878 shows:

It is laudable to give succour and assistance to all that deserve sympathy and aid in these evil days. But assistance is thrown away on the unworthy who would take all they can get and look for it more simply as a means to avoid exertion on their own behalf and with the perfect disregard for the future, want of brains, want of prudence, want of thrift, wastefulness, dissipated habits and an inhibility or disinclination to work. Do not blame society or the State of things, or the land Laws or anything beyond the man himself, or the family itself.