SS Ethiopia In the early 20th century people from the West of Scotland began to look further afield for work and a better standard of living for their families.

The brethren of Lodge St. Barchan were no exception and the minute of 24th April 1902 records the departure of three brethren, Bros. Allan Walker, Thomas Walker and Archibald Houston for the United States of America aboard the S.S. Ethiopia (Anchor Line).

Perhaps they were also trying to escape the unpredictable climate - in the minutes of the same year we are informed that the Festival of St John parade through the streets is cut short because of the wet and stormy weather. The Lodges represented are numbers 22, 114, 205, 242, 275, 370, 399, 426, 609 and 791.

The account for refreshment reaches £5/5/- (£5.25p). As was the norm of the day, no collection was taken on St Johns Day and so many visitors frequented the Lodge, some of the brethren could not gain admittance.

The minute of 1st February 1 1908 informs us that Bro. Sydney George Wilkinson who went to Russia in 1906 returns to his Mother Lodge and receives his mark. He then pays his life membership (15/-or 75p) before returning to Russia.