Lodge St. Barchan's relationship with both Grand Lodge and Provincial Grand Lodge has not always been straightforward.

On 22nd December 1900, Alex Harris a Police Constable of Bridge of Weir was initiated into the Lodge prior to him leaving for South Africa as one of Baden- Powell's Police. It is believed now, that the intention was that he would receive his further degrees in South Africa.

By co-incidence, one week later Sgt. Robert Gray of the Army Ordinance Corps returned from South Africa and was duly initiated into St Barchan on 4th January 4 1901. On the same day due to the South African connection and because he had received notification that his passage had been delayed, Bro. Harris received his 2nd degree.

Bro. Harris was subsequently notified of his immediate departure and attended the Lodge pleading to be raised by St. Barchan as he had no idea as to when and where this would be accomplished. Probably out of a sense of patriotism and in full knowledge that Grand Lodge Laws were being flouted, it was the unanimous vote of the Brethren that the 3rd degree should be carried out.

After numerous correspondences between the Lodge and Grand Lodge regarding the exceptional circumstances, Lodge St Barchan's RWM at the time, Bro. Adam Ritchie was suspended in 1901 for a period of six months. The brethren of the Lodge acknowledging their own culpability voted to confer no other degrees until the suspension was served.

Bro. Ritchie died in 1907.