As many brethren will know, Lodge St. Barchan currently owns two properties in the village of Kilbarchan - the current Lodge premises in New Street and a second property in Church Street.

In the minute of 20th November 1907, it is noted that the Lodge borrowed £600 on the security of an old property as a means of erecting a new property thereon. The Foundation Stone was to contain coins, newspapers and a sketch of the old property.

Permission to wear regalia was granted by The Provincial Grand Lodge and on Saturday 28th December 1907 a torch lit procession pre emptied the laying of the stone by the RWM Bro. George Yeats which was witnessed by the general public and the various contractors.

Bro. Yeats was then presented with a silver trowel marking the occasion.

In addition to the purchase price above, further expense was incurred for legal fees, stamp duty and furnishings, and a final account for the princely sum of £755 was presented in 1908.