Despite many external pressures, the brethren of Lodge St. Barchan have remained adamant in regard to their Annual Divine Service.

The first extensive minute relating to a Divine Service, using terminology not commonly found in St. Barchan documents, is encountered on 13th June 1909.

"Crowds began to arrive by car and on foot from neighbouring towns and villages. Considerable interest was shown in the assembling of Brethren in the commodious grounds of Gibson Bros. The beautiful grounds being well suited for the marshalling of the brethren by Bro. John Marshall.

Altogether 27 lodges were represented, together with the Provincial Grand Lodge of Renfrewshire East. The procession was headed by Johnstone Prize silver band which discoursed sacred music. The day was glorious and Aprons and Jewels sparkled in the sun.

The beautiful church was soon filled to overflowing, many failing to get in. Bro. Dr. EE Harper, Musical director who efficiently presided with the organ. The anthem “Tell it out” sung by the choir was the musical composition by the talented organist and was highly appreciated. The items of praise comprised of “The Old Hundred” Psalm and Newman's beautiful hymn “Lead Kindly Light”. The band played in subdued luminous notes. The lessons were read by Bro. Rev. J.A. Abernethy, Chaplain of the Lodge Craigends while Bro. Rev. Robert Barr PG Chaplain preached the sermon.

The concluding portion of the service was by Bro. Rev. R.D. McKenzie, chaplain of Lodge St. Barchan."