The Lodge Premises as we know them today, formerly the Conservative Halls and Unitarian Church hall were first purchased in 1920 and a great deal of alterations had to be undertaken including the building of two adjacents. The Temple was finally made ready for consecration on 23rd April 1921.

300 Brethren held a Muster at the Old Premises and marched in procession towards the New Hall. The Provincial Grand Lodge, 71 of whom signed the attendance book headed on that occasion by the RWPGM Bro. Pattison, was piped into the new Lodge and thereafter opened Provincial Grand Lodge.

Bro. Rev. R D McKenzie read the consecration prayer followed by the singing of the Consecration hymn. The RWM then presented the charter to the Provincial Grand Master who then scrutinised the document to satisfy himself that this was the Charter presented to the Lodge in 1784.

The Provincial Office Bearers then consecrated the Lodge with corn, wine and oil.

The Provincial Grand Master was thereafter presented with a Rose Bowl to mark the occasion and the assembled lodge sang the 72nd Psalm to the tune Dunfermline.

The contractors presented the RWM with a gold key and the Lodge went to Harmony.