Bro. James Todd was installed as Master of Lodge St. Barchan in December 1954. Some of the older documentation is incomplete, but it is believed that Bro. Todd in the youngest man to ascend to the chair in 156. Following his term in office he was asked on many occasions to act as an of the Installing Masters for his successors.

Bro. Todd is one of that group of brethren from the Lodge who travelled down to participate in meetings with the Good Companions Lodge in Birkenhead No. 6759 (EC) and has continued that tradition ever since. In recognition of the support he has extended over the years the brethren of the Good Companions Lodge conferred Honorary Membership on Bro. Todd on 7th February 1998.

Work commitments took Bro. Todd down to Stockport where he affiliated to the Cheadle Norbury Lodge No. 3731 (EC). Given Jim's enthusiasm for freemasonry it will come of no surprise to learn that he once again entered progressive office, and in 1994 took the chair of his adopted Lodge.

During his tenure of office as Worshipful Master of the Norbury Lodge Bro. Todd invited the brethren from St. Barchan to come down to Stockport and confer an exemplification of the MM degree in 1997. The brethren were delighted to take up this invitation and a deputation made the journey south to carry out the ceremony with Bro. Ian Scott "volunteering" to act as candidate on the night. The size of the deputation is a mark of the high regard the brethren of 156 have for Bro. Todd.