For most brethren, ascending to the chair of their Mother Lodge is the pinnacle of their Masonic career. Bro. Alexander Connacher or "Alex" as he is known in the Lodge, was installed as RWM in December 1970 but this was simply to act as a springboard for what was to follow, both in Freemasonry and the Order of the Eastern Star.

At the time of writing this Alex, has faithfully served as Secretary for over 30 years overseeing the Lodge's Bi-Centenary and 225th Anniversary celebrations. To try and prepare for the retirement that is threatened from time to time, the Lodge has taken to appointing an Assistant Secretary, but to date these threats have proved unfounded.

Alex is a member of many Masonic Orders, but he is also particularly proud of his long standing association with the Order of the Eastern Star and has served as Patron of the Glentyan Chapter on more occasions than anyone dare try to count.

Bro. Connacher was one of the founder members of St. Barchan Social Club, and not content with his duties as Lodge Secretary Alex also took on the roles of Hallkeeper and Bar Convenor, which he only recently relinquished in 2009.

We wish him well in his "semi retirement".