Matt McCallum PM Bro. Matthew Naismith McCallum was installed as Master of Lodge St. Barchan in December 1972. During his year on the chair Matt and a group of his fellow Masters formed what became known as the "Quality Street Gang", and if one of Sister Lodges were experiencing low attendances the "Gang" would descend en masse to lend their support.

Raising donations on such evenings was never an issue as many of the brethren were only too happy to pay just to prevent Matt murdering "Roll a silver dollar".

Matt served as Director of Ceremonies of 156 for more than twenty years and will always be remembered for this. Matt ran the Lodge's instruction classes during this time and encouraged many brethren to take that step and attempt some ritual work.

Bro. McCallum was also well known for the high standard of his own degree work and was pressed into service as Installing Master on many occasions. His last time in this role was to install his nephew Bro. Robert Watt in 1988.

Along with Bro. Alex Connacher and others, Matt was one of the founder members of St. Barchan Social Club and was elected as its Chairman in 1973.