All successful Lodges require a solid foundation in the form of their Secretary and Treasurer, and in that respect Lodge St. Barchan is extremely fortunate having Alex Connacher PM in the office of Secretary and Bro. J Stuart Hamilton serving as Treasurer, who between them have now served more than 60 years in office.

During his time as Treasurer, Bro. Hamilton has managed to walk that tightrope of keeping 156 on a firm financial footing while ensuring that the Lodge continues to support worthwhile causes both within and outwith the craft.

While the brethren of the Lodge look forward to their annual pilgrimage down to Birkenhead, someone has to organise bed and lodgings for the trip and Stuart willingly takes on this role. He also ensures that the brethren from Good Companions are looked after when they travel north. In recognition of this as well as the other sterling work Stuart carries out to cement the friendship between the Lodges, honorary membership of the Good Companions Lodge was bestowed on Bro. Hamilton on 7th February 1998.

In recognition of Bro. Hamilton's work on behalf of both Lodge St. Barchan and the Province of Renfrewshire East, Bro. Stuart was bestowed with the honorary rank of Assistant Provincial Grand Treasurer by Dixon Drye, the Provincial Grand Master on 28th January 2006.

Bro. Stuart is an active member of St. Barchan Social Club and has served as both Treasurer and Chairman on a number of occasions.