In November 1984 Lodge St. Barchan celebrated it's Bi-Centenary and to mark the occasion a re-dedication took place in Johnstone Town Hall.

The Lodge was first opened by Bro. Malcolm Whyte who then presented the mallet to Bro. Alexander Hutton, Provincial Grand Master of Renfrewshire East, who in turn passed it to the Grand Master Mason of the Grand Lodge of Scotland, Bro. Marcus Humphrey of Dinnet.

The Grand Master Mason and his team of Office Bearers carried out the ceremony of re-dedication and presented the Lodge Office Bearers with their new regalia before returning the gavel to Bro. Whyte, who closed the proceedings.

Throughout it's 200th year, firstly with Bro. Whyte and latterly with Bro. David Perrie as Right Worshipful Master the Lodge ran a series of social events, culminating in a 200th Anniversary Dinner in Johnstone Town Hall.

It is interesting to look at the photograph of the Office Bearers, taken in November 1984. While a number of brethren who were junior Office Bearers at that time have now retired gracefully into the ranks of Past Masters, Bro. Alexander Connacher PM and Bro. J Stuart Hamilton still continue running the administrative affairs of the Lodge today, more than 25 years later.