As the Lodge has passed from the late 20th into the early 21st century it has continued to cement old friendships and make new ones all over the world. Brethren from the Lodge has travelled far and wide spreading the good name of Lodge St. Barchan. It is fitting however to make highlight two in particular.

Firstly, what record of the history of the Lodge would be complete without mention of the annual visits with the Good Companions Lodge No. 6759 in Birkenhead. While it is always a delight to welcome our brethren from across the border to our Installation in December, the prospect of carrying out some missionary work in warmer southern climes is the highlight of the year for many St. Barchan brethren.

It would also be remiss not to make mention of the long standing association between Lodge St. Barchan and Lodge Tarbolton Kilwinning St. James No. 135, the Lodge of Robert Burns, our National Bard.

For many years the brethren from Tarbolton travelled up to 156 where they conferred a degree in the afternoon followed by the annual Burns' Supper. The association with Tarbolton still continues with the two Lodges exchanging degree meetings.

In recent years the formal visitations have been further augmented by a team of cronies (or "ne'er do wells" in Stuart Blackburn parlance) from the Tarbolton Lodge who carry out St. Barchan's Burns' Supper.

This page simply lists two of the Lodges which Lodge St. Barchan have along standing relationship with. Further mention of the other Lodges with whom we are in fraternal accord is made on the page to follow.