It is often said that visiting sister Lodges is the lifeblood of Freemasonry and over the years, the brethren of Lodge St. Barchan have taken this to heart.

In addition to the Lodges from Birkenhead and Tarbolton, as described on the previous page, Lodge 156 is justifiably proud of its associations with other Lodges.

Within the Province of Renfrewshire East, Lodge Garthland St. Winnoch No. 205, Lodge Houstoun St. Johnstone No. 242 who "first foot" us in January, Lodge Prince of Wales No. 426 and Lodge Craigends No. 1042 are among the first to enter the syllabus each year.

The Master of the Lodge also has an element of flexibility and formal deputations from Lodges Kirkintilloch St. John No. 28, Inveraray St. John No. 50, Paisley St. Mirrins 129, Wilsontown Ironworks St. Johns No. 236, Union and Crown No. 307, St. John's Operative Lodge No. 347, The Caledonian Railway Lodge No. 354, Royal Blues No. 399, Athole No. 413, Neptune No. 419, Captain Speirs No. 791, Darvel No. 971, Springburn No. 1198, St. Medans No. 1335, Inchinnan 1405, Highland Light Infantry No. 1459 have all been welcomed into 156.