One tradition that has been lost in more recent years is that of laying foundation stones. The first record of Lodge St. Barchan of taking part in such a ceremony is noted in the minute of March 27th 1787:

"The Master and Brethren march in procession to lay the Foundation Stone of a new relief church accompanied by the Largs Kilwinning Lodge. Under the foundation stone is placed an engraved plate by Robert Beath of Johnstone."

Two years later, it is recorded that the Lodge raised sufficient funds to purchase a banner and jewels. Brother John Gibb is given monies to purchase ribbons for the jewels. Unfortunately he was later expelled when it is discovered that he appropriated part of the money.

For reference, the fees at this time were:

Degree Cost Then Value Today
First 7/6 37½p
Second 5/- 25p
Third 5/- 25p
Total 17/6 87½p

Of these amounts, the Lodge retained half. The remainder being used to offset expenses.