Under normal circumstances Bro. Scott Bogle's tenure as RWM of the Lodge would have ended on Saturday 11th December 2010. Unfortunately, the Master Elect Bro. Robert Main was rushed into hospital and the Installation had to be postponed until January.

Bro. Robert's health improved sufficiently to allow the Installation Ceremony to take place on January 8th 2011. The Installing Masters on that occasion were Bro. Eddie Findlay and Bro. Hugh Blackburn both PMs of Lodge St. Barchan. They were assisted in their endeavours by Bro. David Nicholl PM 156, Bro. Nelson Blackburn PM 156, Bro. Ian French PM Lodges Craigends 1042 and Greyfriars 1221 and Bro. William Hepburn PM Lodge Neptune 419.

After some 39 years in office Bro. Alex Connacher decided it was time to hand over the reins as Secretary of the Lodge. His successor is Bro. Sandy Graham and we wish him well. At the Installation Dinner the Past Masters, Office Bearers and brethren presented Bro. Connacher with a silver trophy which Alex prompty donated back to the Lodge as a replacement for the ageing Golf trophy.

Once again the brethren of St. Barchan have been involved in the Installation at Lodge Fleur de Lys in Airdrie where Bro. David Crawley was entering his second year in office. On this occasion the Installing Masters were Neil Fraser PM and Eddie Findlay PM. Sandy Graham Sec., Nelson Blackburn PM, Stuart Blackburn DOC and Iain Hamilton WJW also took an active part in the ceremony.