The minute of 1st September 1791 records the first meeting of the Lodge to be held outside Kilbarchan, with the Master calls a meeting in Johnstone where Archibald Jamieson and John Barbour receive their E.A. degree. This was the first meeting the Lodge held outside Kilbarchan.

This was one of the first minutes written by Bro. Robert Kerr. Bro. Kerr was to hold the office of Secretary for 50 years.

He was initiated into Lodge St. Barchan on 11th December 1790 and immediately became Secretary before vacating the office in 1792 when he left to go to a distant place. He returned in 1793 and became Master before once again taking up the reigns as Secretary in December 1795 remaining until December 1812. He again was called upon in the year 1832 and again remained in post until 1850.

In the summer of that year Bro. Kerr became ill and the brethren ordered a bottle of whisky to be delivered to him on a weekly basis as a token of their esteem. The brevity of Bro. Kerr's minutes have saddened many historians of the Lodge and as such, much of what occurred during his years in office have been lost.

Bro. Kerr was a writer and a brother of the village blacksmith. What cannot be denied however is that he served the Lodge well for 60 years and minuted the proceedings of the Lodge in his home, by candlelight.