The first mention of the Lodge acquiring property occurs on 7th March 1800 when it is minuted that the Lodge makes a purchase on the south side of the Cross in Kilbarchan. The cost was £125 and was paid in full to Mr Humphrey Barbour.

The Lodge decided not to enter the property straight away but to rent it out at a cost of £12 per year. During the year 1800, the Lodge deposited some of its funds (amounting to £25 / 7s / 6d) with The Union Bank. Brethren who had not paid their loans were threatened with prosecution.

On the theme of laying foundation stones mentioned in a previous chapter it was minuted on 20th March 1807 that Lodge St. John Beith invited Lodge St. Barchan to assist in the laying of a foundation stone of the new Church.

This is a re-occurring theme, and on 17th October 1809 it is minuted that the Lodge forms outside the Lodge Room at 8am whereupon they all walk in procession to Inchinnan where they lay the foundation stone of the new bridge to be erected there.