What appears to be the favourite pastime of the Lodge again turns up in the minutes of 2nd May 1817 when the Provincial Grand Master of Renfrewshire requests Lodge St. Barchan to assist in the laying of a foundation stone at the new Custom and Excise building. The brethren assemble at 6am, and march to Greenock where they spend the day and night in harmony.

On 6th July 1818 the Lodge receives a letter from Neilston inviting the Lodge to attend the dedication of the new Lodge there.

On March 29th 1828 a large deputation from St. Barchan travel to nearby Johnstone where a foundation stone is laid for the new Relief House. The stone was laid by the Master of Houstoun St Johnstone No. 242, assisted by the other Masters present.

On July 29th 1829, a large deputation from the Lodge travels to Glasgow to witness the laying of a foundation stone at Hutchisons bridge. After a sermon, which was held in High Street, the brethren visited the following lodges Glasgow Kilwinning (4), Glasgow St. Mungo (27), Thistle and Rose (73), Union and Crown (99), and Patrick St. Marys (117).