The first official visit from Lodge Houstoun St. Johnstone to Lodge St Barchan took place on March 5th 1830. This must be one of the longest associations between lodges with inter visits continuing into the 21st century. The brethren of Lodge St. Barchan still look forward to their 'first foots' coming up from Johnstone for the first meeting in January.

The brethren of the Lodge have a reputation for speaking their mind - after laying the new foundation stone at the new Church in Kilmacolm, Bro. James Mack became unruly and insulted the Master. After refusing to apologise Bro. Mack was asked to leave. The brethren resolved to report the matter to Grand Lodge but later decided to take no further action.

We tend to think that economic hardships are a recent trend, but it was minuted on 4th June 1841 that it was decided to give a 10/- (50p) rebate on Lodge property. In addition it was the decision of the brethren to reduce the rent from £19 to £16 due to a depreciation in trade. Due to the high levels of unemployment, the Festival of St. John was curtailed. The Master on his day of installation was conveyed from his home to the Lodge without music.